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Friday, February 12, 2010

How To Become A Third World Country

Today's stupid award goes to Detroit's inner city high schools.  Unemployment is almost 50%, so instead of changing the curriculum to prepare students for high tech jobs, they've decided that classes on how to work at Wal-Mart are more appropriate.

High school is supposed to help you prepare for the future as an adult and to encourage you to dream of a bright future and living better than one's parents, not teach you to the lowest job standards possible.

Remember when Sears employees couldn't qualify for a Sears credit card because they didn't make enough money?  Do we really want to return to those days?  If the only jobs available are at Wal-Mart and McDonald's eventually no one will be able to afford to live anywhere except under a bridge.

Short sighted thinking got us into this mess and more of the same will not get us out of it.  If we don't start providing decent educations to our children we will only fall further and further behind.  Is that what everybody wants?  Pretending that the future doesn't exist and relying on the failures of the past is setting the country on the path to destruction.  It's like being fed a slow acting poison.  You're dead but you don't know it until it's too late.


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